Klhloe & Lamar Episode Recap


Let’s re-cap the K-Lo-Mar –dashian show. Last week Maleeka told Khole, “look I wanna be my own person and don’t wanna live my life through your shadow.” So this week Khole and Lamar start a fragrance which is on sale now it’s called Unbreakable. They learned in this episode that sometimes it’s hard working with your spouse. However in the end Lamar said it best every couple has their own problems
but the making up makes it all worth it! Khole then tried to play match maker with her best friend Maleeka and Chicago Bulls Forward Rasual Butler. It didn’t last!

That’s besides the point you all wanna know what else happened! Rob and Maleeka boned! Yes boned, had sex, bump and grind. We all knew that it would eventually happen! I mean come on now a 26 yr old GROWN man who is inheriting wealth and a single beautiful young 36-24-36 woman. The boy is #Winning! Shoutout to Charlie Sheen. In the end the couple everyone wants to see survive is another day closer to happiness for the rest of their lives and gives the haters more reasons to hate!

Next week Khadija, Maleeka’s twin sister and her family come to visit….We shall see!



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