Kylie and Tyga Back On?



Friday morning Tyga gave us a look into his tumultuous, off-again, on-again relationship with Kylie Jenner, uploading a picture of the reality star sitting on a bed with the caption, “They always come back.” He quickly deleted the post.

Here’s the catch: Kylie is shown wearing the same outfit she wore on Snapchat and Instagram ¬†on Thursday. The lovebirds, who dated for well over a year, can’t seem to get enough of each other. Kylie and Tyga’s relationship was rumored to have started in 2014, shorty after the rapper ended his relationship with model, Blac Chyna, who he shares a 3-year-old son with. The couple denied their relationship for months, but after Jenner turned 18 last August, they became inseparable. He even gifted her with a white Ferrari worth about $320,000.


In 2015, the pair broke up after Kylie allegedly found evidence of Tyga cheating but they quickly became inseparable again. Last month rumors swirled that they called off the relationship again after the two attended the Met Gala separately, but they still remain good friends. Clearly.


Do you think Tyga and Kylie should give it another go or should they call it quits for good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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