Ladies Would You Support Your Man If He Was 30 & Still Trying To Rap??


I really don’t know what to think about this story, but I do have one question: ladies, would you SUPPORT your MAN  even if they were 30 and still trying to rap? Do you tell him he has missed that boat, or do you give him money for studio time? Do you cook and clean and pay all the bills, while he tries to live like a video, only half-ass and with your money (keyword: “your”)? Sometimes you got to give up those “rap dreams” and find a DREAM JOB…especially if you trying to hold your woman down. What yall ladies think?


  1. Hell No, not frm me. he missed that moved. where in a world thats real and money is living shit it hows u eat, and live. he would need to find a dream based of more reality.

  2. Fuck yall greasy bitches, haten ass hoes, show that nigga some fuckn love, thats why ni niggas is getn white bitches cause they support like a mutha fucka all yall hoes do is complain. mabe that nigga workin and rapn on the side, you can still do it for the love of music, but yall, yall bitches crazy


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