LaLa Vasquez & Carmelo Anthony Are Headed To TV + Lala’s Prop8 Pic



The Homie LaLa  and her fiance Carmelo Anthony have been working hard these days to keep the checks coming in. Lala who is from the ATL is now working on a new TV show titled, “Love & Basketball”. The show, which has already started taping will help NBA players find true love.

I was told that they already have  5 player’s  signed on, but they couldn’t tell me who just yet.  I must say I was hoping it was going to be about them and tell how it is day to day being lala, and Carmelo … But I know they probably dont want everyone all in they business… LOL

In other news Lala recently Shot her pic for the Prop8 campaign Shot out to the homies over at Prop 8 and make sure yall follow them on twitter  @lalavazquez &  @noh8campaign


Click here to see the other pic’s54944000



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