Lamar Odom Faces Potential Arrest Warrant

The big homie Lamar Odom better show up to court or he going to be in TROUBLE! We mean some real TROUBLE!
Check it out after the break.

This Friday is not the 13th but can take a spooky turn for Mr.Odom if neither himself or legal representation appear in court for his DUI charge. In Lamar’s basketball career he oblivious to the ‘bench’. But if he don’t show up to court on Friday the judge will introduce him to the BENCH WARRANT which equals an arrest warrant straight to jail. His attorney Robert Shapiro is ready and willing to help him get out of this fixed thanks to his mother-in-law Kris Jenner. Shapiro is requesting an even exchange of rehab treatment for representation.
Allegedly, Lamar is denying TREATMENT but giving out TWEETMENT. He took to twitter to defend his mother in law, only to offend his biological father whom he admits is his demonic shadow for drug abuse. Let’s hope Mr.Odom or his chosen counsel will appear this Friday or it’ll be a NBA. National Black Arrest.
We’re praying for you Lamar.
So what do you think?


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