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Laura Govan Talks Jackie Christie, Bambi, Her Relationship With Sister Gloria & More


Laura Govan was apart of a lot of the drama filing the Basketball Wives L.A. season that just ended. The reunion special shared a lot more about what happened over the season. Check out an interview with Laura as she discusses Jackie Christie, Bambi, her relationship with her sister Gloria, renaming the show and more.LAURA-GOVAN

So how are you feeling about the reunion, are you worried about anything in particular?

Maybe just if I fall asleep during it. Outside of that, no.

You and Gloria had your moments this season, what was it like to play out your relationship and reconciliation on TV?

I think it was a sister moment. I think that sisters go through things and we just happened to share that with the world and it played out the way it did, it was authentic, and it brought us closer together at that time. But we’ll always be sisters, it wouldn’t have made a difference. If somebody tried to jump on my sister, I still would have had her back regardless of if we talked or not, I’d have f—ed somebody up. I think we’re good now.

And you guys both became much closer to Brooke too.

I think timing is everything, the timing came together and we realized who was who and what was what. Real always comes together.

How did this season compare to last season for you?

This season was more like a group of girls who were like the United Nations of Benetton. We had a rapper, we had a groupie jumpoff, we had so many things going on that “Basketball Wives,” to me, wasn’t the appropriate title.

If you could rename the show, what would you call it?

The Crew.


What was your actual plan? Can you reveal that finally?

I think it was apparent on the show, I was just making her feel how she made me feel last year.

I was waiting for like, some end result though, for everything to culminate in one big moment.

No, the end was just, I was going to ride the train till the wheels fell off. Because you must understand that Jackie doesn’t change. She will always be the same person, which is crazy, and I didn’t know how it would play out, but I think it played out how it was supposed to and I liked it.

So what was it about your conversation with Chantel that really changed things?

First of all, I’d like to say again that Chantel reached out to me, I said that a hundred times on the show and they didn’t show it. When she reached out, at first I thought to be vindictive and evil and I was okay with that, I didn’t give a s— about consequences, if it meant hurting Jackie, I was fine with that/ But after meeting with Chantel, it changed my perception, it made me look at who I was and what I was doing. It wasn’t so much about meeting with her daughter because when she called me I was like “What does she want? The fruit don’t fall far from the tree.” I didn’t know what to expect. So for the most part I just listened and I just felt bad for her. It just changed how I felt.

Will it change how you are with Jackie? Where do you stand with her really?

We’re cool. We will always be cordial. If she got jumped in the club, would I help her? No. If she tripped and fell, would I pick her up? No. If I see her I’m definitely going to say hi and give her a hug.

Would you change your answer to the question you discussed with Bambi and Malaysia about how you’d react if she died?


Watching that scene were you trying to be funny or were you trying to hurt Jackie?

Yeah, I just thought it would hurt her. Everything I did was to hurt her. I didn’t give a s— how it came out, who told her, whatever. But I love how everybody says “Oh, she’s such a backstabber,” I love that, because at the end of the day, I’m the only one that kept it real, I was honest with everybody out staying out of my business, and I was honest with Jackie, I was talking s— in her face about her, and it’s funny how the ones who say I was fake were the ones running back and forth tattling and gossiping. It’s funny to see. I actually like that.

lauraI’ve noticed on Twitter that you and Imani tweet back and forth a lot, it’s nice to see that you maintained that friendship since last season.

Yeah! That’s my girl! I love Imani, I’ll always keep in touch with her. She was a big part of my life at one point.

Do you wish she was around this season?

I definitely wish they would have taken what was real in her life last year, as opposed to what they showed. I do wish she was here.


What’s your status with Bambi?

I don’t have a status with Bambi. When Bambi becomes a cast member, I will have a status with her. Until then, I don’t waste my time. I don’t even like to put me and her in the same sentence because we’re on two different levels. I don’t think about her.

Let’s talk about Jackie’s wedding — did you dress in drag to try to provoke her, or were you really just in the spirit of the event?

That was meaningful to me, I have a good time with things. So provoking isn’t right, provoking is way off. I entertain myself, I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t.

Source: VH1 Blog

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