Lauryn Hill Is Really A Nice Person When She’s Not Working



For the longest time I have been hearing really bad stories from people who have met one of my favorite singers Lauryn Hill. I have been told everything from she wants to take control over everything. Too its her way or no way, and  she doesn’t want people to talk to her or look at her as she walks to her dressing room before a concert. They also say everything has to be in the room how she asked, or she wont go on stage. But maybe being gone for so long has re-humbled her and made her a much sweeter person. So after reading this post on Necolebitchie I was very happy to read that Lauryn has a heart, and isn’t such a A$$ hole like everyone try’s to say she is. Here is what one of her readers wrote:

After a long day at six flags in New Jersey, my friends and I decided to go on one last ride—some baby ride. We spot someone that looked like Lauryn while in line and we concluded that this woman had to be her long lost twin sister because there was no way this was her. She was with her daughter, and at one point she yelled to her nanny to get something and we knew it was her—how could you not recognize that voice. Just that morning my friends and I had been talking about how nice a comeback from Lauryn Hill would be so we were utterly shocked to see her.

We ran out of line, some of us trembling in excitement. Lauryn was trying to remain incognito but we knew that she knew that we recognized her. While she got on the ride we went to talk to the nanny to confirm our thoughts and she said that she’d ask Lauryn to say “hi” to us when she got off the ride but that we should just walk away for the time being. After Lauryn got off the ride we saw her walk away with her entourage of kids (it was Zion’s birthday) and our hearts sank. But to our surprise after walking about a 100 feet away from us she turned around and waved us over. Completely shocked, my girls and I ran over to greet her. She proceeded to take a picture with us as well as ask us how we were doing, and thanked us for being loyal fans. Unfortunately, we were all in tears and did not manage to get anything but a “thank you” out, but Lauryn hill is my favorite artist of all time and to see that she was a sweetheart in person just made everything about her that much more lovable. I was nervous that she would be a jerk and I didn’t want this person that I adored to be that but she was amazing!


  1. Thats not the Hill I met she was so rude and in another world. when I met her it was like she was on drugs or something.


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