Leave “Breezy” Alone!!!!


Why won’t they leave Breezy alone??!!!???!! Chris Brown had a show in West Palm Beach, Fl last night (JULY 5th) . Before the show they cops locked him up… 

He got arrested for an outstanding warrent from a Tampa case last year, when he punch a photographer. He told the camera guy no pictures, and he hit the camera guy. The camera guy say Breezy bust his lip and had him go to the hospital and is planning to sue Chris Brown. Really?? Leave him alone. Let him do his thing and be!!! But when you great; you got people that  don’t want you to be!!! 

He got out on a $2k bond, and said he came to West Palm Beach, FL there will be a show. He did his thing there, and is actually in Tampa, Fl tonight. I just hope he does the show and get out of there because he doesn’t need any more trouble. 


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