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Legal Drama: @FrankOcean’s “Super Rich Kids” Named In Copyright Suit


We haven’t heard much from Frank Ocean these days. Once he was the talk of the town. But the hype has seemed to died down tremendously. And now it seems, there’s a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement on one of his records.

The Hollywood Reporter has some interesting information surrounding the Def Jam star.

TufAmerica, the label that has filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Jay-Z and Beastie Boys, filed a similar lawsuit involving Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange track “Super Rich Kids” and its sample of Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love.”

“TufAmerica is the owner of rights in and to the recording ‘Impeach the President,'” the lawsuit states. “Defendants have failed and refused to secure a license from TufAmerica for its share of the rights to use ‘Real Love’ in ‘Super Rich Kids.'” In the lawsuit, the label said that it owns 3.15% of “Real Love” due to “a consequence of a series of agreements relating to ‘Impeach the President.'”

The label hasn’t revealed how much it is suing Universal for, but claims that they are “entitled to compensatory or statutory or punitive damages in an amount to be proven at trial.”[Read More Here]

Reps for Ocean and Universal have declined to comment.


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