Letitia Scott-Jackson presents “Grace & Favor – From Prison to Paid”

Letitia Scott-Jackson – Grace and Favor From Prison to Paid available on Amazon.com

In the month of November the Producer’s Channel decided to pay homage to an author each week on their Saturday morning show in honor of National Author’s Day Nov 1st.

The last weekend of the month celebrity guest host Kenny Kenglomerate (Black Clothing Designer) and Publisher of Arait Justice Books introduced author/philanthropist Letitia Scott-Jackson. Raised in Louisiana, she is now a Dallas, TX resident.

Scott-Jackson recently released her new book “Grace & Favor – From Prison to Paid.” The book is the first Volume of the memoir of her life growing up as a PK who led a double life selling drugs as early as 16 yrs old.

We all know how most of those stories end up. However, the eye opener in the book is when things come to a head and Letitia is facing a prison sentence which breaks her Dad’s heart. You will never guess what happens next. Purchase the book to find out!

Kenny Kenglomerate – Celebrity Guest Host (Black Designer of Mofiya)

The 82 page book is definitely a page turner and we encourage you to purchase this book especially if you are dealing with a teenager that is headed down the wrong path. If you know someone currently serving a prison sentence or a  youth in a detention center the outcomes and stories they will read will definitely make them look at life differently and re-evaluate the trajectory of their own future.

Listen to the recent interview Letitia Scott-Jackson did with guest host Kenny Kenglomerate on Producer’s Channel on Hip Hop Joynt Rap Radio.


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