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LHHA’s Joseline Hernandez Rumored Sex Tape Leaks : Joseline Speaks on Past Drug Habit

Over the weekend we found out shocking news that one of our favorite Atlanta reality stars known for sex and drama had a sextape leak. THEJASMINEBRAND reports one day before the reunion show airs, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s break-out star, Joseline Hernandez is in the media for a rumored controversial video.


“Somehow, a sex-tape has hit the net, featuring Joseline, (dolo) enjoying herself. If you’re thinking that reality star/singer did this for media attention, you may be wrong.


Reportedly, the tape was recorded before the show was aired and taped. Unfortunately.”


“If you’re a pervert (or a lil bi-curious), click Here, THEJASMINEBRAND then read some scriptures (it is Sunday, after all).

An in non-sex tape news, Joseline continues to make her rounds hosting parties across the country.


In a recent interview Joseline Hernandez admits she has done drugs and has stripped in the past, but says the blame is on her parents.


“I felt like she really was no mom to me. She was just in her own little world,” Hernandez says of her mother, who appeared in footage cut from Monday’s show. “I know she did drugs before and it’s okay because I’ve done drugs before too because I didn’t know better. But that pushed me to stripping at sixteen years old and doing everything at a young age.”

Sources report while Joseline blames her mother, who appeared with her father, the mom says they weren’t perfect and they aren’t at fault for how Joseline turned out.


Claiming her daughter has made more money than most people make in their lifetime, Joseline’s mom admits to taking hundreds of dollars from her daughter stripping because she was “into drinking and running in the streets.” But she insists she “never abandoned” Joseline.


Agitated by her blaming her mother, Joseline’s father is less forgiving. According to him, she skipped school and he repeatedly had to get her back in class.


Read the full interview Here

Over the weekend, she hit up Houston and St. Louis.” Via [GossipWeLove]

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