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#LHHATL Star Karlie Redd Spotted at Traxx Girls First Anniversary Party!


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Starlet Karlie Redd helped the lovely ladies of Traxx Girls Celebrate their First Anniversary at Halo. The “HIDE OUT” was all about dancing, fun, and celebrating the Traxx Girls Moves. Karlie Redd was on hand dancing, laughing, and even made out with a lucky lady. Yes I saw it with my own eyes.

Check out the fun details below.



The Hide Out was packed to capacity for its first anniversary party at Halo. The ladies enjoyed great music and drinks while celebrating the wonderful accomplishments of the Traxx Girls. The Traxx Girls invited the lovely Karlie Redd to come out and party with them for the special occasion. I got a chance to catch up with Karlie after the Bistro Brawl at Sleazy & Zinos.


Due to the chaos at the launch party for Sleazy & Zinos I did not get a chance to connect with Karlie (she was rushed out of the restaurant once the fighting started!). Last night we enjoyed drinks and just had a good old fashion good time.

Karlie Redd looked stunning in her skin-tight, lacy jumpsuit that hugged every curve just right. She was relieved that she had missed all of the fighting at Sleazy & Zinos because you know she is too pretty for all that craziness. Karlie don’t want to fight she just wants to have a good time. Why fight when you can make love? Why fight when you can dance and enjoy a fun party. She connected with a young lady and the two shared a sensual kiss that was followed by an even more seductive lap dance.


Yes Karlie Redd I saw you girl. Get your groove on girl!


The event was amazing and as you can see I LOVE my TRAXX GIRLS!



Check out the fun we had below.

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