Lil Boosie Release Date Moved Up


lil-boosie-jail-mugshotRapper Lil Boosie may be out of prison earlier than expected. Following reports that he would be released in August, Boosie’s brother Taquari Hatch tells “The Times-Picayune” newspaper that the rapper could be home as early as February. Taquari says the previously reported August date didn’t take into account a number of programs Boosie had taken part in to help him earn an early release. Taquari says Boosie plans to hit the ground running once released and will “go straight to the studio to begin working on an album.” He’s also reportedly making plans for a tour, which could take place in late spring or early summer.

Lil Boosie — born Torrence Hatch — is serving time in Louisiana State Penitentiary for a number of drug charges. In 2011, while serving a four year sentence for drug charges, the emcee was sentenced to an additional eight years for attempting to smuggle drugs into prison.


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