Lil Girl Show Off Her Dance Moves


This weekend at a cookout, I happened to turn around, and this little girl was dancing so grown it was scary. Besides the split, this young lady could hang with the best dancers out there. But then you go back and ask yourself, where DID she learn that….then you may go back to admiring the skill of dance. Maybe. Y’all check out the video and tell me what yall think.


  1. Arrest her parent/guardian and put her in rehab….the “I don’t want to be a stripper when I grow up and be in the videos and clubs all the time rehab”…wtf…..

  2. My mother NEVER danced around me. Hell, I don’t think my mom could hold a beat if she wanted too. But I could drop it like it was hot with the best of’em. With that said, I have never stripped, Im in college and preparing to launch a company that will give back and assist in our communities.

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with her dancing. Not one time did she turn around and put her hands on her knees and gyrate her assets. If the parents are smart they will enroll her in gymnastics, dance or some other class that will direct her to do something tasteful and productive with her dance moves.

    Yea she hit a split, but that is what most cheerleaders and dancing dolls do also. I’ve seen WAAYY worse.

  3. She is a cutie and very talented. I agree 100% with neishe. you can tell that this is her god-given talent–to entertain. I love it and I hope her parents put her in show biz. you go little girl!!!

  4. Oh I went back and listened with the volume on and the music is bad, try listening with that rap crap off and you can really appreciate her drive and talent. It is obvious to me by the saggy pants scrubs around her that this is a hood party. i just pray that she is fortunatel enough to get away from those surroundings and really do her!

  5. This is Jabais the kid dancer Nyielle .She is the princess of dance and is 1/3 of the dance group D.N.A they be everywhere!!!for booking Jabias the kidd and the Dna Dancers please contact 770-895-9644


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