Lil Kim, Eve & Missy Elliott May Go On Tour : Watch Kims Paradise Theater Performances


Lil Kim, Eve and Missy Elliott may join femcee forces to go on an exclusive tour with one another!

The ladies shared the stage with Kim at the Paradise Theatre for her “Return Of The Queen” tour.

Kim is also writing a book about the year she spent in jail (with pictures).

The manuscript will include the stories of other women she met and. Kim’s new single, “Look Like Money”–produced by the Rockwilder– will be released next week! Check Out Photos and video below:

Lil Kim recently brought out Eve, Missy Elliott, and Pepa at her Bronx tour stop of her “Return of the Queen” tour over the weekend. Missy and Eve reunited to perform their hit single “Hot Boyz,” which sent the crowd into a frenzy!

Check out some of the footage:


Spotted @ MissXpose


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