Lil Kim Gets Signed To Universal Music Group


Rapper Lil Kim is now signed to Universal Music Group. There had been rumors that she was signed to G-Unit but now we know that was completely false. This is her first big deal since she has left Atlantic Records. Interesting choice that Ms. Jones has made being that she supposedly had offers from Roc Nation and Def Jam. There was a ton of yip yap from people after she released her mixtape Black Friday so I’m just hoping that new label will allow her the creativity to put out a great album. What do you think of her choice to sign with Universal Music Group?


  1. Stfut he looks don’t matter we want good music and they should be questioning wtf Nicki look like a fucking clown for #TEAMKIMALLDAY #POW


    well good luck maybe she’ll actually put out GOOD music and not have to bash artist.

    But i still have no respect for her, her hustle only came after Nicki was brought into the spotlight.

  3. FYI nicki minaj based her career off of bashing female rap artist not just lil kim.. i suppose some people never heard nicki mixtapes before she made it big… and even songs she does now…. ummmm ok…. on any note CONGRATSSSSS lil kim.. i hope universal and kim releases an official statement. cant wait to hear new music.

  4. Hi Freddy!
    Wow – I’m sorry – I can’t concentrate on anything but her face – I thought I was supposed to be looking at Lil Kim, but I don’t even recognize her. What did she do to herself? and why?

  5. Wtf Nicki doin look like ish bish regardless Wat she wear her face shyts she don’t have to look like Michael Jackson to try look like a barbie #TeamNicki all muthfuckn day baby typos Kim dry washed up n old news now u tryna Cum out cuz sumbody else gettin shine Chile plz u had all opportunity yet u wait til ur career dead Ghost Busters to try Cum back Naw nope to late don’t wanna her who u sucking f*clinic licking sticking shooting banging etc new generation takin over so all the artistes from ten yr n beta sit Da f*ck down u had ur time now its over for u BYTCH almost fourty It’s a rap go retire like jayz been supposed to did…

  6. I use to be a fan of this broad til she jumped on the hating wagon sorry u don’t get brownie points for hating then team up wit a hater n hate more Smh then had the nerve to Cum for keyshia Cole cuz she fucks wit Nicki n Kim thought kesh a ride wit her on Da one dead #RealRecognizeReal so u no Wat that mean Kim faker then that face she brought BYTCH jus tryna make herself relevant again by cummin for big names n the game watch they drop.this ish cuz ur music champ now haha even biggie moms ain’t fuckin wit u hoe dropped u off Da Monica single #VeryIrrevalant she should posse her waaaaay off n put Nicki on it

  7. Second but not least hunny the songs she she bashing that BYTCH cuz she came for her n she kept quit for to long trust I’m a Nicki fan I no it all n like I told ppl like u before it don’t matter Wat she said before signed cuz once signed all dem bytches was on the Nicki wagon Google it baby pic of Nicki n kin on Wayne tour so that irrelevant that shyt was put aside but now she see a star is born n tryna make a Cum back ….Ps Nicki jus got crowned the new Queen so now how yall gon act Ctfu #RealSaltyNow

  8. WTF.! You nicki fans are a trip. I mean really, if you think Kim “The Queen Bee” is irrelevant then WTF are you on here dissin her. Y’all just scared that QB gon make a big come back that’ll drag your wanna queen through the mud. Well I’m pretty sure Nicki actually proud of her. Like she said at the American Music Awards, S/o to ALL FEMALE RAPPERS OLD AND NEW.!!! They not even beefin anymore, Kim squashed that sh*t a long time ago. Nicki know the deal. It’s just music and muh fuqqin entertainment.! The only people keepin this beef sh*t irrelevant is the fans. BOTH SIDES.! I’m #TeamLilKim all the way but I still respect Nicki for what she doin, she tryna make a name of her own in history (which she doing) but at the end of the day..she still dissed her way up the charts and almost every identical photoshoot as Kim pics and videos. But Kim is doing her thing and I think Nicki should just step to the plate and they do another real record together and cut it out. (Like Kim said, “Yeah I’ll do another song with her if only a check is involved.”)


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