Lil Kim Looking Fierce As She Covers Kontrol Magazine



(9/19/2010) Lil Kim is looking extra fierce as she convers this month issue of Kontrol. Queen B takes the stage in this issue, and sets the record straight about her dominance amongst female rappers.

Photography was shot by Freddyo supporter Derek Blanks and styling by Julian Lark.

Shout out to Necole Bitchie for the story.


  1. SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE, you have no class and all that plastic surgery aint doing her no justice. she hating on nikki minaj and thinks she is stealing her shine and NEWS FLASH… SHE IS! She is nothing like kim because nikki is way more classy and and doesn’t rap all that nasty disrespectful distasteful stuff like kim. KIM IS JUST TO NASTY FOR ME!!!!

  2. Kina girl you said all I was feelin and more LOL!!!! Kim go sit down cuz im still tryna figure out where you went wrong. Just looking a hot mess. You can’t make a comeback when you look like that


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