Lil Scrappy and Diamond Throw Lil Scrappy’s Daughter A Birthday Party


Scrappy-Diamond-  esgvsdx

The homies Scrappy and Diamond wanted to make sure their little princess Emani was truly a princess for her birthday. The two, along with all their celeb friends came together to pamper little Emani in every way at the Spa-Kidz. Spa-Kidz? Wow, the life of a celebrity’s kid… here are all the pic’s.

Daddies will do anything for their daughters. I mean, look at what she made Scrappy do…lol.


  1. Celebrity? No, that party looks like the normal, everyday party. For a celebrity kid party, see Zonnique’s party.

    On a side note, how old is she?

  2. @ sunshine that not diamond daughter and the party look cheap just like diamond ring and this birth day party freddyo stop it you know this shit was horrible

  3. The pictures doesn’t do this spa any justice. I have been there and it’s a great place to have parties…… Go Spa-Kidz we got your back if no one else do my daughter loves it!

  4. Okay what so extravagant about a birthday party at the spa diamond and scrappy are regular people just like myself stop hyping things up so people can dislike them I can’t even count how many birthdays party like this my kids had when they were small.
    The party seems very normal to me no hate here just setting the record straight and since there such super celebrities and famous people in Atlanta were are the celebrities friends (ugh) everybody in Atlanta wanna be a star that why I moved to the Carolinas’ were people here are not desperate for fame

  5. SUPER SWEET party! I’m SHOCKED but NOT SURPRISED by the previous comments! BEAUTIFUL party and IT IS celebrity status! JESUS CHRIST! I love it and I PRAY his beautiful daughter NEVER reads these comments. Thanks for posting Freddyo-LOVE IT!

  6. Why so much hate? The man was just tryna show his princess a good time! Nothing wrong with that. And Spa-Kidz is an OUTSTANDING place to do so! There should be more pictures of the place. And we should be supporting our black owned businesses! My little sisters have been there too! It’s the new spot in Atlanta for kids. Plus, a lot of celebrity clientele!

    Go check them out:

  7. I think the party, the place Spa-Kidz and the whole sha-bang was a hit!!!!!! They did a great job
    People need to stop hating obviously they are somebody they are on the blog sites!!!!
    She is soooooooo cute and the idea was PERFECT to have a princess party in a spa!!! Good work Scrappy!!!! you look like a proud dad!!!!!!!!!!


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