Lil Scrappy Ordered to Pay $100,000 Debt with “Love and Hip Hop” Checks



Awwwwwwwwwww man they coming after the homie Rapper Lil Scrappy. They trying to take his paper! They all in his pockets! A brother get a steady gig and here come the MAN!!!!!

According to TMZ, a court has ordered for the “Love and Hip-Hop” star’s TV checks to be garnished in efforts to pay off his $100,000 debt.

In 2010, Scrappy lost legal battle with concert booking company Heavy Rotation and he was ordered to pay $72,218.68. According to reports, he never paid the money and with the addition of attorney’s fees and interest, the debt has ballooned to $108,510.38.

TMZ reports Scrappy’s ”Love and Hip-Hop” cash will go directly toward the debt until it’s completely paid.

We are sure that Scrappy’s got some cash stacked up from album sells. The Prince of the South will be fine!


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