Lil Scrappy teams up with Cap 1 for “Pound Game”



The homie Lil Scrappy has a new track with Cap 1 called “Pound Game” and he’s addressing all of his issues in this track!
Chcek it out.

The big homie Lil Scrappy is working and making moves even when he’s away handling his rehab thang. He has a hot song called “Pound Game“.

Lil Scrappy shows us a side of himself that we have not seen before in his music. He talks about his issues with the mother of his daughter Erica DixonScrappy talks about wanting to be a good father and create a real family for Erica and his daughter.  He talks about the challenges of living his life in front of the camera. He even addresses the probation violation due to his inability to leave the weed along.


Scrappy asks “WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD?”. He ask “Why can’t things just be simple?”.

Big homie that’s the question we all have in this life. Why does it have to be so HARD all of the time?

Check out the “Pound Game” below:

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