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Lil Twist And Friends Beat Chris Massey With Brass Knuckles

lil-twist-and-friends-beat-nickelodeon-star-with-brass-knuckles21Details are emerging about Lil Twist’s alleged fight with former Nickelodeon star Chris Massey. Sources report that police say on Friday night Twist and four friends used brass knuckles to punch Chris before stealing his wallet and cell phone.

lil-twist-and-friends-beat-nickelodeon-star-with-brass-knucklesThey are also accused of pulling down Chris’ pants during the brawl. The beating reportedly went down after Chris kicked Twist out of a Los Angeles apartment belonging to his brother, Kyle Massey.  The brothers are pictured above.


lil-twist-and-friends-beat-nickelodeon-star-with-brass-knuckles1The family of the “Zoey 101” star says they plan to pursue legal action against Twist and his friends.

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