Lil Wayne (Feat. Eminem) – Drop The World


Here is Lil Wayne featuring Eminem – “Drop The World” (Official Video Shoot) shot by Chris Robinson 11 March. This has to be one of my favorite songs off of Lil Waynes new album cause it is so deep… Please listen to it and really pay attention to the words that Wayne says… and tell me what you think?

Here is all the behind the scenes footage..


  1. I think he is talking about a girl/women/bitch he is inlove with but that girl is not in love with him. he is saying when he climb to the top when the girl wants him he will deny her thas my interpretation what do u think @freddyo. He should get back with @antoniacarter period @liltunechi dont go chasing waterfalls stick to the rivers an the lakes that you were used to when you where still Dwayne with nothing

  2. maybe the girl is Shannell, i think he luv some Shannell. If its a girl he is talking about I dont blame the girl coz who can trust a man like that actually a man hoe @liltunechi change your ways before u get AIDS.


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