Lil Wayne Gets A New Job In Jail



UPDATED: I just got off the phone with Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Johnson and she wants everyone to know that this story is completely FALSE and was made up. She told us that she hasn’t spoken to ANYONE from the media about Wayne’s situation in prison. She doesn’t know where this information came from, but it didn’t come from her…


Lil Wayne is finding ways to stay busy while serving time in prison.  Wayne has been assigned to watch over suicidal inmates. The rapper began serving a year long prison sentence for weapons charges last month. He is housed at New York City’s Rikers Island facility in the Eric M. Taylor Center. Lil Wayne’s ex-wife, BET reality show star Antonia “Toya” Johnson, says she’s been able to talk to Wayne. Johnson says, quote,

“He watches the crazy prisoners and makes sure they don’t kill themselves. He likes the job even though they don’t pay him much.” Johnson says the rapper is “doing OK”behind bars and hasn’t had to cut his trademark long hair. She also says he is, quote, “getting along with everybody.”

“Weezy” still has over 200 days to spend at Rikers, according to the countdown clock posted at He is scheduled to serve between eight and ten months assuming good behavior.


  1. OMG I am so frickin jealous of Weezy F! ESPN blogger, entrepreneur, and now suicide watchman ALL from the slammer!

    He’s selling ridiculously plain t-shirts at WeezyThanxYou (white with “Free Weezy.”in black and “Young Money” in red) for $29.99.

    If I were in jail, I’d hafta play up my New Orleans background and pretend to do Voodoo to make a buck.

    Sigh…but Imma stop hatin’. I can’t blame him for taking advantage of his celebrity.


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