Lil Wayne Heads To Prison & Must Cut Off His Dreads

Lil Wayne is no longer a free man. The emcee appeared in a New York courtroom Monday where he was officially sentenced to a year behind bars for weapons charges. Following his sentencing, Wayne was handcuffed and taken into custody. “Weezy’s” mentor and Cash Money’s head man Bryan “Baby” Williams was in the courtroom to say goodbye, as were several of the “Got Money” rapper’s fans. According to, Lil Wayne asked the judge for protective custody as well as special medical attention to deal with his dental issues.

According to New York State law, dreadlocks are almost always forbidden. reached out to their lawyer friend and find out

“Male prisoners are only allowed to wear their hair in cornrows, going straight back. And they can’t exceed the “natural hairline” in length. Now of course our question is: what does “natural hairline” mean?

“It means it can’t extend the neck.” But there is one loop-hole in the issue – though I’m not sure it’s going to help Wayne.” Prisoners who claim Rastafarri as their religion are allowed in most cases to keep their locks. But even then there’s a process to determine if it’s genuine.”

.Lil Wayne’s legal problems arose in 2007 when police found him to be in possession of a handgun after a search of his tour bus. The New Orleans native pleaded guilty in the case last October. Lil Wayne was originally scheduled to be sentenced on February 9th, but was granted a delay until March 2nd to undergo dental surgery. That sentencing date was postponed until yesterday, after a fire broke out in the courthouse last week. Lil Wayne is expected to serve eight to ten months assuming good behavior.

Prior to heading to prison, Lil Wayne released his seventh studio album, “Rebirth.” The record dropped on

21 responses to “Lil Wayne Heads To Prison & Must Cut Off His Dreads”

  1. SEXY says:


  2. SEXY says:


  3. Gideon Wyatt says:

    It is what it is he has to take responsibility for his actions and as a well known star he should have body guards that are armored to prevent these issues, I think Wayne is taking it well and he knows that he can’t run away from it. lets not forget that he is just another example of how black celeberties are being targeted. I know that he will take this time to reflect and just think about what is in store the future

  4. ladyveehenry says:

    Hey jail aint the same when you are a millionaire, He will be just fine. He will be well taken care of at the most he will be bored. Maybe not even that if he reads all his fan mail. This year will flu by. Who doesn’t have a gun?

  5. Renee says:

    They better not touch him!!!! We love you Weezy!

  6. ATLshawty says:

    Oh snap. He has to cut his hair off.

  7. Sunny says:

    he is going to bee just fine, good thing about this he will not be in general pop, he is in another part of rikers..and he does not have to cut his hair off, he said it on ustream..that he hair is staying..! gosh you cant always trust mediatakeout them fools dont know anything..! smh, but shoutsouts to tune, these 8 months are going to fly by real quick! love you tune!

  8. dadeallday says:

    I guess I wasn’t the only one watching his ustreams. LOL. I been on his page and lil duvals page lately. Was hoping he cut his dreads #Ikeepyourheadup@liltunechi

  9. Lucy says:

    That is not true because on Ustream Lil’ Wayne said “to all you people out there I dont have to cut my hair off”, and they said that was mediatakeout! anyway thats not true get your stories straight.

  10. tammie reed says:


  11. love u wezzy and i wish u good luck, and when u get out i hope u do better. young mula baby!!!!!!

  12. Sciggy says:

    Gideon Wyatt,

    You’re fucking retarded.. No one is “targeting” black celebrities. I’m a big fan of Lil’ Wayne but its his fault for what he did. He got caught, but that doesn’t they were watching his every move and were trying to catch him in the first wrong decision he made.

  13. taylor smith Aka Freaky-Tee! says:

    Why my baby daddy have to cut all his dreads?…fukk the bloodclot cops dem can a runn to a car for what i say!!!—-i♥him and my feelings for him will never change unlike hi other fans!!—im true to my boo–hair or no hair,money or no money,fame or not—-love yha wayne!

  14. trizzy says:

    wow u stil look cute

  15. I love Lil Wayne. Its been like that since i was probably 6 years old, well, since ive been able to understand what music was. I love Lil Wayne with a passion and to me as onee of his best fans, he just wouldnt be the same without his dreads. His skills is there and i mean he is STILL sexy. lol. I just love him and f or when he gets his hair cut……it might not be that major to yall…..but shydd ima break down and cry.
    -Keep Yahh Headd Up Wayne… ♥ Yhueewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  16. Queen Wilson says:

    he just have to keep his head up my husband i in that bing baby you will be home soon so i kno how all his fans feel an his daughter he have to stay prayed up in their

  17. Queen Wilson says:

    awwww man he is going to be fine he just sliped but yall kno wen he come home its all love he just have to stay prayed up an my baby in that bing so i kno how his family feel an not only his but whoever have a love one in there

  18. rubia says:

    everything is going to be okay but omg i dont want them to cut ur nice long hair omg this is just not right ugh wish u the best nd dont worry this year passes by fast you’ll be ut before u know it nd there really nothing u can really do but hang on nd have faith u know you’ll make it out love u weezyyyy…..FREE LIL WAYNE WEZZYYYYYY 🙂

  19. JBEEZY says:

    I love you weezy baby! It’s only the beginning of the end!

  20. dalton says:

    its not gonna grow back just like that it takes fuckin years and years he started growin that wen he was 12 years old now its gone it wont be that long in just a couple months we miss u weezy keep your head up like your nose is bleedin

  21. Ken obeteze says:

    No matter what, weezy is still the best rapper alive

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