Lil Wayne Hits The Stage With Drake In Las Vegas


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(11/8/2010) Lil Wayne hit the stage with Drake during the finale of Drake’s “Light Dreams and Nightmares” tour. This is the first time for Wayne to perform with Drake since his prison release from Rikers Island on Thursday. Drake joked throughout his set about the performance. He told groupies and fans about his first phone call with Lil Wayne since he Wayne left prison and asked fans to fill in the words for Wayne’s verse in “Right Above it.” See videos and pictures after the jump Rapper Lil Wayne dressed in his usual black jeans, white sneakers, and shirtless took the stage while Drake was singing “Miss Me.” The crowd went crazy.

Wayne rapped, “I was gone ’til November, but I didn’t trip ’cause I know he was gonna get ’em,” Drake told MTV News’ Sway that he was unaware of Wayne’s appearance during his set. Drake continued on with the show while Wayne celebrated in the elevator on the way backstage. Wayne left before the show was over.

I am glad Wayne is back and I know you are!

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