Lil Wayne Speaks On Nicki Minaj “I’m Not Satisfied With Anything She’s Done”


Lil’ Wayne is known for keeping it real and he did just that in a recent interview with Vibe magazine. He told the popular mag, “I’m not satisfied with anything she’s done”. The statement really surprised me because Nicki has already accomplished so much and the short span that she has been out. Look inside for more details on what else he said about the femcee.

“I believe she can do a whole lot more, and I believe she will do a whole lot more,” explained Weezy. “It’s not shocking, and it’s not surprising. It’s quite fitting. But other than that, it’s nowhere near the end.”

I guess Weezy just wants more for and can see more in her. His statement was really blunt though. What do you think of his statement about Nicki?

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  1. I think Wayne is just trying to challenge Nikki to do more with her talent and new found fame. Guess he just doesn’t want her getting to comfortable.

  2. It is what it is. I know I would find it insulting…but she may say other wise. Nikki is amazing, she will be sure to go FAR FAR FAR. One thing Nikki needs to do to ensure her longevity…get rid of that hype man/ boy friend!!! If she didn’t leave him after he has hit her…she will repeat what her mother went through and didn’t she say…she would never stand for a man hitting her! This is why I am the biggest role model for my child!!

  3. it quite obvious what he is saying its nthn bad he just saying he BELIEVE than nicki can go harder and CAN accomplish alot more. N that he dont see an end in her future.

  4. That’s what she need, although she’s a lame rapper there is always room to accomplish. I think she can get better working with lil wayne and he’s going to max her patential so, lil kim better watch out.

  5. Maybe he has seen the potential that we have yet to see. I guess it’s hard to find it up under all the ridiculous outfits she wears. Hopefully that comment will make her change up her style.


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