Lil Wayne Ordered By Docs To Not Fly


Lil Wayne last week had to stop a flight due to a two episodes of seizure like symptoms. It is said now that his doctors gave him strict orders that he is to NOT fly.TMZ reports, he has been recovering at his mother’s house and the doctor has ordered him to rest for the next week. Wayne is supposed to take it easy, no work and absolutely no flying.

Wayne has been to the doctor two times since he was hospitalized. He has nurses that check on him regularly to ensure a proper recovery. Wayne believes that his seizures were from working too hard after getting out of jail. He says that the incident was a “life-changing event” and an “eye-opener.”

Lil Wanye is expected to head to his Miami home on a luxury bus.


  1. and they should have added, absolutley no syrup!!!!!! I didn’t know flying and working hard could give you siezure like symptons. leave that coedene alone boy it’s trying to take you outta here!


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