Lil Wayne Pays $5 Million Tax Bill


News came out in April that Weezy F. Baby hadn’t been paying his taxes and that he owed the Feds $5.6 million (see here). He even tried to sell his $14 million mansion to pay Uncle Sam off (see here). Well it looks like Lil Wayne has cleared his debt to society by paying off that super bill. With Tha Carter IV being certified platinum this week, Lil Wayne is rolling in the dough. Glad to see he won’t be headed to jail over taxes like Wesley Snipes did a few years back.

What do you think? Should their be any reason these super rich entertainers can’t pay their taxes?

Check out the pic below:



  1. That’s good Weezy f paid the taxman. It’s not a good look to make so much money and not keep an eye on your taxes. Instead of flossin all the time pay yo bills people!

  2. I mean seriously $5 mil means nothin’ to a man who throws $60,000 in a strip club. Wayne just brushed that right off his shoulder


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