Lil Wayne Remixes “Marvin’s Room”


If you’re not tired of hearing a gazillion remixes to “Marvin’s Room”, I’ve got another one for you. This time from Lil Wayne and no…he’s not bitter. Unlike everybody else who has already cried their hearts out on their version of “Marvin’s Room”, Wayne changes things up a bit with lyrics that make you wanna check to see if the kids are in bed. Have a listen here:

Marvins Room Freestyle

So what do you think of Lil Wayne’s remix? You feeling it?


  1. I dont agree with it being reminds me of the same words he use on something you forgot and she’s a ryder..expect that now he is just talking about his current boo..
    He needs to change it up a little with them now the world must know he got a good stick that’s always in one of his raps


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