Lil Wayne Sells 1 Million Albums In First Week


Initially projected to sell between 700,000 and 850,oo0 units in its first week, Lil Wayne’s new album Tha Carter IV, but reports have it that he’ll sell just shy of 1 million units! Many in the industry saw the negative reviews of Weezy’s new album and decided that he wouldn’t sell very much, but it seems fans didn’t care. Despite being leaked a few days early, Weezy still comes out strong and gives Kanye and Jay-Z a strong run for their money.

Lil Wayne has already broken record for ITunes single-week album sales, with 300,000 downloads in its first four days of the album release.  Check it, that’s 10,000 more than Watch The Throne did…Who do you think will be crowned king?



  1. this wayne kat suxx. if he’s sold a million copies it means dat there are alot of brainwashed kids out there. he sure didnt get my money and wont


  2. Your headline reads “Lil Wayne Sells 1 Million Albums In First Week”

    Yet you say, “but reports have it that he’ll sell just shy of 1 million units! ”

    Make up your mind.

  3. be proud that one of the worst rapper alive is getting sales while people with real talent does not. be proud.

  4. yall are all abuncha whiney little bitches. Wayne is the hardest working, ever since he dropped the Prefix (mixtape just before Carter I) and worked his fingers to the bone under obscurity for the longest…gave away so much free music and several great albums, a couple even classics…I fuckin hate people who believe that talented intelligent people don’t deserve what they got even after they work the asses off…jealous ass niggas

  5. Congrats to Weezy! Y’all are forgetting that he’s the only artist to continue to get money just as if he was free on the streets when he was locked up! So he gets kudos for having that type of hustle game.

    Lately mixtapes have been better than any LP, so I highly doubt I’ll be purchasing this! LOL


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