Lisa Wu-Hartwell And Ed Hartwell Are Separating!


Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her husband of 5 years, Ed Hartwell are calling it quits. While we aren’t sure on the exact details, Lisa made it plain via her twitter account that the split is not over money and it never would be.

Too bad she’s no longer a part of the show so we may never get the full details of why they’re getting a divorce. In addition to this tweet, she’s also removed Hartwell from her name on twitter while Ed’s changed his relationship status to separated on Facebook. The divorce is very saddening but I’m sure the two will still continue to work together and be close for the upbringing of their 3-year old son EJ. So now we have Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore divorced and now Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell to add to the list for this years divorces. Who do you think is next? What are your predictions as to why they got divorced?


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