Lloyd Banks New Mixtape “The Cold Corner 2”


Front of Mixtape
Lloyd Banks a.k.a Blue Hefner, The Boy Wonder and Punchline King is back with a new mixtape for your ears. Just in time with Winter around the corner, he dropped “The Cold Corner 2” for all his loyal fans.

With all the success of his latest project/CD “The Hunger For More 2” which had plenty of #1 singles such as  “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” featuring Juelz Santana, “Any Girl” featuring R&B sensation Lloyd, and smash hit “I Don’t Deserve You” featuring (“Mr.Birthday Sex” himself) Jeremih.

Well his mixtape has dropped and it has 18 HOT tracks with guest spots from Prodigy, Styles P, and A$AP Rocky.

Back of Mixtape

Check it out below and tell us what you think of his work.

Spotted @Vibe


  1. The last hit he had Beamers,Benz,&Bently was my shit I never got his album but you better believe I will be copping this

  2. Bout time. I love me some L. Banks. *singing* “I am the one you denied, you pushed me off everytime I tried , but I’m all right……..Jus rememba who played who first, yeeeeah.”

  3. lol @ Demetria…that was not his last hit…

    and where is Ted…I know he’s gonna say something abt his weak thread being posted! lol…Dani…what u know about that?


  4. @Demetria… FAIL on your LIFE! @Tiffany… You can’t seem to keep my name out your mouth huh; I hope it taste and feels great coming out your mouth LOSER! Hater-ade your GATORADE! This post is FIRE!!!!!

  5. @ TED *yawns* boring! come harder! I need u to *talk that talk*……..Lloyd banks is irrelevant when it comes to media. only reason it got posted is because the mixtape is kinda nice…lmfao..the nigga still wont move over 20,000 units if he made a cd….



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