LOCKED UP: Actor Gary Dourdan Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Ex-Girlfriend’s Nose!


Actor Gary Dourdon is best known for portraying Warrick Brown on the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as well as a host of other films but now Dourdon has found himself in trouble with the law for allegedly breaking his ex-girlfriends nose. Get all the details of his new felony charge inside.

This is not the first time Gary Dourdan and his former girlfriend Maria Asis del Alamo had trouble with the law concerning domestic violence. Almost two years ago, Maria was arrested for a misdemeanor domestic battery charge for attacking Gary….and now its Gary who recieves the charge this year for breaking her nose!

According to TMZ, reports show the LAPD was called to the home of Gary in Venice, CA late last night after someone reported an injured woman standing in a nearby alley….that woman happened to be his ex-girlfriend Maria.

The cops checked her out and discovered her nose was broken……and Gary was the accused! He was then arrested and booked for felony battery and is now being held on $50,000 bail.

Gary had an extensive history with cocaine and ecstacy abuse…we wonder if this has come into play with this recent stint. And why are these two still in contact with eachother if they are supposedly not together. We do hope things work out for the best interest of them both.

What do you think about Gary’s recent arrest?

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  1. Since people don’t care that chris brown is a convicted woman beater they shouldn’t care if he beat the hell out of his girlfriend either.

  2. What the hell? Some women love that kind of abuse so its understandable why this (domestic dispute)has happen more than one…

  3. No one will care about this story because the media and the public will not make an issue about this because he isn’t a A list celeb.

    @Mia – How is Chris brown a “woman beater”? Has anyone else he’s dated come out and say that they got their ass beat by him? That whole situation was messed up but obviously BOTH parties were very violent towards each other and for the fact they were YOUNG & IMMATURE, it should have never blew up like this but unfortunately it was A LIST pop star against another A LIST start and Breezy fans against Rihanna fans. Whether ppl will admit it or not.. its not even what he did.. it was about WHO he did it too.. and this story right here will prove it because I’m almost positive NO ONE will be talking about it tomorrow.. even though this man is a GROWN man and nine times out of 10.. he HAS done this before.

    In the end.. NO ONE should put there hands on another person.. and WOMEN need to stop thinking its ok for them to abuse men and because their men, they suppose to take it. We are all human beings and everyone has their limit.

  4. Maria, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! You shoulda been bobbin’ and weavin’ and then reaching for that pot ‘o hot grits.

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  6. Wow!! Something is always wrong with the good looking ones. I hope she is okay and she works up the courage to leave him. Abuse is NEVER okay. However, I’m sure she will be the one to bail him out. Sad.

  7. Hey looks like he crazy. The character he played on different world seems to be what he is like in real life


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