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Logic Talks Up Bringing & Being BiRacial With The Breakfast Club

So I don’t normally listen to logic but I will now! This was a really fun interview for the Breakfast Club and it was probably because you could tell that Logic was actually excited to be there.

Other up and coming artist should take note this is how you do an interview. You can be honest and hold back. You can be up front about things while at the same time say that you don’t want to talk about certain things in a nice way that doesn’t make you seem off putting.

I love the little race talk he has with Charlamagne that kind of leads into a back story. The whole interview just made me interested in the guy in which I wasn’t before. He’s definitely likable. He even show cases his ability a couple times.

I do agree with Charlamagne when he says don’t let people compare you to the greats just yet. People should let him put in a little work first before you start lofting these huge expectations over people’s heads. Let the people decide. Let the man prove himself.

I wasn’t before but I’m definitely looking out for the guy now. Logic’s album “Under Pressure” out today!

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