Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Campaign: Would You Spend $1500 On A Bag?


I love Louie  but have not worked the nerves up to by any of there over priced items. I must say when I do finally buy something it will be for my Mom and Granny, they are the only people I know that I am going to spend $1500 and up for a bag on. Who would you spend that type of money on and why? Here are some pictures of their Spring 2010 Campaign. P.S. All the bags in the pictures below start at $1500 and go up to $3500 … WOW…  Do yall think thats a waste of money?


  1. Some of the bags are hot, and others are not. If I had Oprah Money, I would definitely cop one of those bags. Being that I’m a struggling Grad student, I’m going to have to get that knock off Grade A LV from Canal. ((*_*))

  2. I actually bought that bag about 4 weeks ago, I still havent taken it out of the bag. This is the most I have ever spent on a handbag !! But I do love it !!

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  4. I personally, love LV and I own about 10 bags from him! Its the quality and style I love. And believe it or not I’ve gotten them on my own. I work hard two jobs and plans on going back to school eventually. But, yes they’re pricey. My bet is that you save! 😉


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