{WATCH} Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta – Episode 7 – ‘Meet Me In Counseling’ Recap

Steevie J & MiMi Counseling Session
Stevie J & MiMi Counseling Session

After last week’s sit down with Joseline, Mimi seemed to be headed toward the light and away from Stevie. K.Michelle has a surprise for her at the studio, but not before Mimi says she wants to go to counseling. “Is the counseling for this to be a relationship, or is the counseling for you to raise your child together, to co-parent?” asks K.Michelle. We were wondering the same thing because if you’re truly leaving someone, counseling would be unnecessary, right? Now is as good of time as ever for K.Michelle to unleash the song she wrote for Mimi, which is the three minute version of Mimi’s soap opera of love. It looks like Mimi is a bit uncomfortable hearing everything she’s gone through with Stevie J in a song.

Then we saw Karlie on her quest to a successful her career. Her manager, Malcolm Miles, advises her that dating Benzino is not a smart move for her career because it’s a distraction, and most importantly he thinks Benzino is irrelevant. “In the public eye I don’t know how people looking at Benzino right now,” he said. “If it’s somebody hot and relevant that’s gonna put you in a certain light—then maybe.” Is this going to end her romance with Benzino?

Joseline's Studio Session

The drama doesn’t end there!
As promised, Joseline went to the studio with another producer behind Stevie J’s back. Stevie J of course found out and pops up at the studio. Have you noticed he does a lot of surprise visits on his women? In the lives of us regular folks that would be considered stalkerish. But I digress. He’s not happy with Joseline’s actions, not that she seems to care. “I’m going to work with you or without you,” she tells him confidently. Now Stevie, being the gentleman that he is, reminds her that he’s going to get paid regardless and he will contact his lawyers. “You a lightweight in this thing, ma. I been doing this,” he said. It would be too much like right if he didn’t threaten to send her back to the strip club. He has a solution though. “We got to stop f—in’,” he declares. Joseline twirls around for him teasing that he can’t stop having sex with “all of this.” She suggests they throw out the contract altogether because she can no longer work with him. His response, “Im not gon’ let up on you. Because you’re a superstar.”


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