Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2, Episode 6: “Making A Scene”

lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye5Rasheeda is shocked at Kirk’s response to her pregnancy, Joseline tells Stevie she wants to be the only one on his roster, and K. Michelle and gets into it with Mimi’s new boyfriend. Check out what you may have missed below!

lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye2The saga continues with Stevie J and Mimi, even after she’s found new love. She meets up with “The Gatekeeper” to discuss co-parenting, when Stevie says he misses Mimi. Cue audience reaction – awwwwwwwwwww. Too late, son! Mimi has clearly hopped off Stevie’s bus, and is now flying first class with her boo Nikko. Stevie, not one to be outdone, give Mimi a friendly reminder of how they are “bonded for life” through little Eva, and not to mention their matching tattoos. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye12Once Mimi realizes she still has it, she goes to get it covered up. If she could’ve replaced her arm, she would have!

Traci Steele has her hands full juggling work, raising her son, and constant spats with Drew, but somehow she still has time for friends. And apparently she has one in Shay. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye8Sigh. Shay will do anything to stay relevant, even if it means hitting up a “long lost friend” for Scrappy advice. Traci tells her its going to take time to get over Scrappy, and to do nothing. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye3No bustin’ windows out the car like Jaszmine Sullivan. “Just move on,” Traci says. Good advice, but if she could only take her own tips when it comes to Drew….

It’s so obvious she’s still in love with Drew. She agrees to meet with him to interview potential employees for their sneaker boutique. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye11She realizes Drew pretty much set up an open call for eye candy and she flips out. Come on now, Drew. We know Traci is sensitive about “THAHAs,” homie! And if he wants her half of the money, he better chill on bring the h*es around her.

On to Rasheeda. She plans to tell Kirk about the pregnancy but decides to first woo him with candlelight and soft music. The conversation goes downhill fast once the couple start talking real issues, like money. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye4And when she plays the pregnancy card, it was a wrap. Kirk wasn’t happy, and threw subliminal shots saying that Rasheeda wanting to get pregnant on purpose, accusing her of not taking her birth control. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye10Isn’t a baby supposed to be seen as a blessing? Not with the Frost family…at least not at the moment.

If Joseline wants to be Stevie J’s only artist, she might have a problem. Stevie met up with the tattooed fireball Che Mack to lift up her spirits after her house got broken into. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye13He blesses her with a flat screen TV to turn her tears to smiles. Looks like Che is going to have a seat on the bus soon.

K. Michelle and Ariane stop by the video shoot Mimi is starring in for Nikko’s video. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye7They listen to the song, and K. realizes that she knows the other rapper, Johnny Crome. But she accuses him of being gay and says he shouldn’t be on the song rapping about girls. Mimi says she only knew him to like women, and Johnny overhears their conversation and address K. lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye6The two get loud, then Nikko steps in, only to make things worse. Insults are tossed around, and Ariane takes K. outside. Mimi doesn’t take a side in any of this—only her own! She was upset that everyone argued over something so petty, saying why can’t ish be about her sometimes. Say what? lahhatl-freddyo-missjaye1We thought this was Nikko’s video shoot? Guess we had it wrong! We agree that the fight was pointless, but not everything has to be about Mimi. We know Stevie J sucked the life out of you, but please don’t take it out on us!

Next week we’ll finally see the major blowup between K. Michelle and Mimi. Stay tuned, y’all!

Bonus: Momma Dee still has not given up on getting Shay on Team Scrappy. She invited them both over dinner and even had a cake ready to “celebrate” the E.O.E. – End of Engagement. That’s just disrespectful. To the cake and to Erica.


Check out the entire episode below:

Do you think Kirk was wrong for not being supportive of Rasheeda?

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4 responses to “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2, Episode 6: “Making A Scene””

  1. Guest says:

    K. MicHelle is the worst friend in the world. A real friend does not embarrass her friend like that. Stay clear of K. Michelle she is not to be trusted but is a rattlesnake. She should have pulled Mimi to the side secretly not on camera or radio blast. Mimi deserves better true friends.

  2. Momma Dee REALLY needs to grow up and stop meddling and matchmaking. And the E.O.E. dinner is SUPER CHILDISH!! Does she have a man?! She needs to fall back & let that grown ass man handle his business…..

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New Music: Muni Lung “Make Me Forget”


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