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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 8: “Come to Daddy” Recap

ove-and-hip-hop-atlanta-season-2Joseline’s jealousy could potentially destroy her relationship – and career – with Stevie J. Meanwhile, Shay has regrets about Scrappy, and doubts arise about Nikko. Check out the recap inside!

The drama between K. Michelle and Mimi shows no signs of ending, but the one thing Ariane is concerned with is her own friendship with Mimi. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye2She makes sure that Mimi knows where her loyalty is. Mimi asks her how she feels about Nikko, to which Ariane says she doesn’t think he’s the one for her. Mimi says she’s happy – for right now.

Mimi seems to be confident in her relationship with Nikko, but needs some confirmation. So who other to get guidance from than a tarot card reader. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye11The mystic tells her that this new but old relationship isn’t good for her, and she needs to bounce. Mimi also asks about her friendship with K. Michelle, and is told that she doesn’t care for her. We could’ve told you that with a regular pack of cards, Mimi.

Ariane meets up with K. Michelle to see if she can mend fences with Mimi and she couldn’t say no fast enough. She defends bopping Mimi over her head with the bouquet of flowers because, according to her, Mimi is not a real friend, and doesn’t roll with her like she should. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye5She felt that Mimi took it too personal, so the friendship is over, but not before she takes a shot at Nikko.“First she go from Stevie, she go from his bus, now she on the pink bus.” Pink bus? We’re done.

Scrappy wants that old thing back, and no, it’s not with Erica. He comes back to kick it with Shay, who welcomes him with open arms and a back massage. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye3He tells her everything she wants to hear and within minutes she’s back in Heaven. But Scrappy hits her with the “let’s just be friends” stipulation, which means no more hook-ups. That ain’t gonna last long.

Joseline admits she was wrong putting her hands on Che Mack. She says she was only protecting herself and her career, but it’s clear that she’s jealous. For what, who knows. Yes, Che Mack may have the beauty but she lacks brains. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye4But then again, Stevie doesn’t require his girl to be a brainiac to get on his bus. Joseline felt threatened, but turned it back on Stevie saying he better not be smashing Che or she’ll smash his face in. Now that’s love, Joseline. She agrees to meet up with Che to clear the air and play nice.

The three meet up for drinks and Joseline makes it clear that Stevie can work with whoever he wants to, but her music comes first (if it ever comes at all). lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye10Oh, and no side-smashing. But when Che lets Joseline know that Stevie bought her a TV, she was done. Joseline left the restaurant before the meeting was over, this time without mushing Che.

Traci and Erica enjoy a day out with their kids and discuss life as a baby mama. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye6Traci can relate to Erica’s situation with Scrappy on how frustrating life can be dealing with men like Scrappy and Drew, who are always gone and hard to tie down. And of course Shay’s name pops up. Erica says her beef with Shay is that she knew all about her and Scrappy, yet she still continued to mess with him. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye9She also tells Traci that she’s going to have a conversation with her about everything. Finally. We’ve got the popcorn ready for that showdown.

Rasheeda and Kirk are still at each other’s necks with this surprise pregnancy. He crashes her photo shoot attempting to shut it down because it’s over budget, but Rasheeda refuses because she knows she’ll start to show soon. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye7Kirk basically tells her he’s not the one pregnant, and he didn’t do it. Wait. Hold up. Last we checked it took two people to make a baby. He throws in another insinuation and says maybe Rasheeda had been fooling around. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye8Wait a minute, now…we know this baby might have come at a bad time, but there’s no reason to say all that! Rasheeda kicks him out of her shoot and continues working. That’s how you handle business, Rasheeda!

After Mimi’s visit with the tarot card reader, she’s hit with a little more clarity on her relationship with Nikko. She tells him of a new businsess plan she has in mind, and he immediately makes it a partnership, but she didn’t ask for one. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye12“I’ve been coaching you,” he says, “…you’ve been riding on my train.” Nikko has to know about Stevie J’s bus, so why would he tell her she’s on your train? Red flag. He’s not the one, girl.

Shay and Scrappy are working on their “friendship” and she asks Scrappy yet again where he stands with Erica. He tells her unfortunately they are over, which is a dead giveaway that he still has love for her. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye13Shay doesn’t sit well on the friend bench and starts to get a little mad, and brings up the past about how Scrappy wasn’t honest with her about him proposing to Erica. Scrappy says he’s apologized too many times and he’s not doing it again. Shay kicks him out of her house saying she doesn’t want to be anything anymore, no friends, no cut buddies, nothing. Sigh. That won’t last long either.

And speaking of things coming to an end, Joseline meets up with Stevie J only to break up with him. lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye15Stevie doesn’t take that without just a simple “no,” and tells her that he owns her – for life. And he’s been working with another artist. Oh, snap. He also tosses in that Joseline signed a six-year contract with him.lahhs2e8-freddyo-missjaye14 What in the what? Six years and no album, no promo singles, no nothing out right now? Joseline, you better get lawyered up, because that’s crazy! No wonder he wouldn’t let her see the contract. Now what? “Walk home,” she says to Stevie. “Go catch the MARTA.”

Nice comeback. But you’re still signed for life. Just saying…

Watch the entire episode below:

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