Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk and Rasheeda Separating?



Rumor has it that the only married couple on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta may be headed for divorce. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are allegedly separated according to reports.

According to the streets, the separation became obvious at the LAHH premiere party. The Frost family arrived separately and barely spoke to each other while there. A source close to the couple said that Kirk is even dating someone new, a local Atlanta “celebrity.” Would he really make a move while Rasheeda is carrying? That’s just cold! This could all just be he said-she said, especially with Rasheeda being preggers.

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Why would the couple split now? There was tension between them during the last season of LAHH over Kirk’s lack of management (remember him “being here, but not really here” as the Georgia Peach rapper once said), but they renewed their vows in the season finale. Then again, we saw how he blasted Rasheeda about the paternity of her unborn child in the previews for Season 2 of LAHH. Could this be something stirred up for more ratings?

We hope so and nothing more. After all, the show is called Love and Hip Hop, not Love and I’m Leaving You!

What do you think about the troubles between Rasheeda and her Kirk?

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  1. I don’t like these two as a couple and I wouldn’t care if they was together or not but in the event if they do break up who cares …. They both seem as if they are up happy with each other anyway..

  2. I like Rasheeda. I hope she does leave Kirk. The way he handled the pregnancy situation was completely wrong. Why would a man ask his wife to abort their unborn child? I agree with Rasheeda’s mother, he is a coward!!!


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