Love and Hip Hop Season 2 Episode 9: “The Keymaster” Recap


Mimi can’t seem to catch a break these days, Joseline and Stevie break up for the umpteenth time but still have business to settle, and K. Michelle is officially on damage control after her label tells her to tighten up. Check the quick recap and video below.

Where’s my money, Steebie?


Joseline calls it quits with Stevie J (yes, again), but still needs her check. Stevie tells her straight up that they don’t have a deal, at least not the one she was looking for. ““Maybe if you stop chasing p**** around town you could get my deals to go through the correct way.” At this point she’s better sticking to releasing music on Facebook.

When my best friend is hurting, I’m hurting.


Now that Stevie is a free agent again for the time being, he naturally has to see what’s up with Mimi, and decides to get some info from her bestie Araine. Too bad Ariane isn’t a fan of Stevie’s, and reminds him just how bad he hurt Mimi, and it causes her to shed some tears. Aww. Then she tells him that Mimi isn’t really happy with her current situation with Nikko. And Stevie J makes his devious rat face, so you know he’s up to something.

Who’s the maid now??


Mimi is taking her cleaning business to a whole new level. Joseline threw shots at Mimi calling her a maid, so she took that concept and turned it into something positive — MADE (Making A Difference Everyday). Work, Mimi. In the middle of her photo shoot for her ad campaign, her boo thang Nikko walks in and decides to take over and give “direction,” which throws the whole vibe off. He also presents her with a gift, a Rolex (no sign of bling) that he wants her to wear at the shoot. She puts it on, but clearly isn’t moved by the gesture. He also invites her to his music video release party (where she was supposed to be the main hot chick). Hopefully Nikko can redeem himself there, because right now his approval rate is slipping.

Let’s call a truce…


K. Michelle’s label tells her she needs to straighten up because her attitude is killing her career. She decides to start by mending fences with “Keep Me Relevant” Karlie Redd. K. admits that she is a little hot-headed, and apologizes to Karlie, who tells her she made a diss record about her. K. says it’s cool — for now. Wait till she hears that track, tho.

Don’t mess with Mom Dukes!


Rasheeda tells her mom about Kirk and his recent shade to her and the pregnancy, so Moms decides to have a little talk. Without putting her hands on him, she tells him Rasheeda is having that baby, there won’t be a blood test, and he basically needs to man up. Point blank. She wants to know why Kirk has been acting so distant, but he doesn’t say anything. Nothing came from that conversation, because Kirk still appears to be unfazed by it.

Catch a cab, don’t you get back on that bus…


Stevie J wasted zero time getting back on Mimi’s good side. And of course, their past is revisited. Stevie knows he’s got to do something epic to get her back, so he drops a little hint that she needs something new in her life. New and shiny, unlike that basic Rolex Nikko gave her. So she invites him to Nikko’s party. How messy.

And of course it gets awkward at the party. Nikko’s “NY 2 LA” video didn’t get the crowd reaction that he had hoped, and Mimi was in the clip for maybe 2.5 seconds. Then Stevie walks in looking photoshoot fresh, giving Nikko another another reason to cringe and look salty.


Ariane and Erica Dixon had their popcorn ready to watch the showdown of Mimi and her lovers. Stevie spots the Rolex on Mimi’s wrist and says it’s ticking. A Rolex should never tick. Oh, damn. Stevie presents his version of a real gift to Mimi — a key to a brand new BMW. Spotlight stolen! 

“You give me this it should be mine with no strings attached,” Mimi says. Stevie says he is cool with that, but we all know there are consequences to his gift-giving. What does Nikko do? “You’re damaged,” he says.

Was the BMW the final nail in the coffin of his relationship with Mimi? Gotta wait till next week to see what happens!

Check out the full episode below:


Do you think Mimi was wrong for taking the car from Stevie? Let us know!


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