Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 11 Sneak Preview: Kirk Seeks Relationship Advice



The big homie Kirk is looking for a little direction and guess who he reaches out to?

Check it out after the break!
What is Kirk doing?

You don’t go to a pimp for biblical advise.

You don’t go to the dentist asking about your eyes.

Has the big homie Benzino ever been married?


Let’s see how this boy’s weekend play out next Monday!

What do you think?

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  1. I knew this was a plane crash waiting to happen and know it has, but rashedia is not willing to accept the fact that she married a no good man and on top of that is having a second child by him…. what woman in her right man husband up a man with that much baggage and think they are going to be happy in the end she a fool and deserve the foolishness he is giving her… Kirk sons are in and out of jail none of them have any dreams they depend on their father for money which we all know he broke cause who actually knows rasheeda no one but Atlanta… This is all a mess she knew exactly she was getting into… in addition to that all of Kirk baby mothers are bombs… A MESS I TELL YOU

  2. This is plane crashing waiting to happen. what woman in their right man husband up a man who has such bagged of having 6 kids before you … disaster waiting to happen and now everything is hitting the fan . Kirk children all depend on him because he decided to have kids by nothing as* women who cant hold their own and rashedda is paying the price for it now… Kirk kids are in and out of jail and rasheeda pays for it … they already don’t have any money so its a disaster waiting to happen best of luck to them … they need it …


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