Love & Hip Hop Date Night With Yandy & Kimbella


Love & Hip Hop stars Yandy Smith and Kimbella with baby daddy’s Mandeecees and Juelz Santana

New moms are back to their old bodies! Love & Hip Hop‘s Yandy Smith and Kimbella were seen out in NYC’s La Marina on a double date with their baby daddy’s Mandeecees and Juelz Santana as reported by theybf. Looking forward to the new season, but it may be a little less drama without the rest of the girls?!?

Reality stars of Love & Hip Hop, Kimbella and Yandy earlier in 2012.

Yandy Smith of Love & Hip Hop showing off her pregnant belly in 2012.

Kimbella of Love & Hip Hop and her baby bump 2012.


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