Love & Hip Hop Reunion Special


Last night on Vh1 the reunion special for Love & Hip Hop was able to be viewed by the masses. I must say this was 1 of the REALEST if not THEE REELEST reunion special tv has ever seen. On last nights special alot of our unanswered questions were answered as well as no feelings were spared as the cast LET IT ALL OUT! Emily didn’t really say much at all. Olivia remained classy, as usual, even while Somaya and Rich went at it.

Somyra and Olivia addressed their issues, Olivia & Emily addressed their issues, and when Jim, Mama Jones, and Chrissy went to address their’s Jim kindly excused themselves.The second half of the show was dedicated to the “wedding situation” going on between Jim, Chrissy and “Mama Jones”. Jim still managed to not give a direct answer about his intentions to marry Chrissy, even stuttering and stumbling when asked why he wasn’t wearing the ring Chrissy bought him.

If you missed it you know they’re gonna play it 5 bagillion times or check it out on


  1. OMG, gotta love Mama Jones. I feel sorry for Jimmy b/c he’s caught in the middle of a huge cat fight between his lady and mom. I honestly think he’s not going to marry Chrissy until she and his mom resolve their issues. They say “Moms are always right”, I think she and the rest of her kids view Chrissy as being controlling and wanting to control Jimmy’s life. That’s the perception Chrissy puts out. I just don’t see Jim & Chrissy having a happy life with all this family drama and Mama Jones don’t want any part of it. Chrissy needs to stop disrespecting Mama Jones, don’t she know that the key to her man’s heart. Also Chrissy is a pretty girl (money can make anyone pretty) but her attitude is ugly, she acts as if her shit don’t stink. Humble yourself girl and maybe, just maybe the Gods will favor you.


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