Love & Hip-Hop Star Stevie J. Owes Millions In Child Support


Stevie J Child SupportAs they say, ____ JUST GOT REAL for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality TV star Stevie J.  According to AllHipHop and the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement, Stevie J is $1,158,391.00 behind in his CHILD SUPPORT!  Based on some exclusive details… Stevie J owes 20 times the amount owed when he left New York in 1992 and could face jail time if he does not take care of this!!!   We certainly hope Stevie works things out!  I’m mean come on, what would Love and Hip Hop Atlanta be without Stevie J and the ladies on his bus???  Check out the court documents below!!!Stevie J Child Support Papers 1 Stevie J Child Support Papers 2 Stevie J Child Support Papers 3


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