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LudaDay Weekend Continues With Annual 2014 Celebrity Basketball Game!


The big homie Ludacris hosts his annual celebrity basketball game. Professional NBA players such as Dwight HowardKevin Ware, and many more were in the building this evening as they showed their support for LudaDay Weekend.

Check out the details below!

Ludacris continued his LudaDay Weekend festivities with the annual celebrity basketball game! And as usual all of his homies came out to support him! There were celebrities such as Dwight HowardTrinidad JamesStevie JKevin Ware, and many more. Those are just the celebrities who played in the game. The list was even longer for those who just came as spectators, which included RasheedaToya WrightJoseline Hernandez, and many more.

This was an extremely close game this year!!!! It was YMCMB vs. DTP and both teams gave it their all! The audience watched as Howard bullied the opposing players with his height or as James was making the majority of the 3 pointers for DTP’s team. In the end, DTP came out victorious!!!!

If you did not get a chance to go to the game this year, then do not worry because FreddyO’s team was on sight that day! Check out all the photos below taken by Briana Crudup!

Check out the photos below:

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