Ludacris Launches Educational Website For Kids


Atlanta rap star Ludacris is known for his contributions to the rap game, movies and various charities. He’s now adding  something extra to his lenghtly resume bylaunching a new educational website called, dedicated to his 10-year-old daughter, Karma Bridges.

The website is an interactive world for kids, featuring original pop songs with educational lyrics, as well as games and stories that kids can teaches children from grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 academic lessons about math, science and geography, as well as ethical and social responsibilities like manners, honesty and kindness. That’s very clever of Luda!

“We wanted the site to be educational, fun and full of music that all kids will enjoy, but we also wanted it to teach kids more than just academics,” Luda told in a statement released today (December 6).

“The site touches on subjects like, the rewards of hard work and importance of learning manners as well as the idea that doing good deeds for others will bring good into your life – which is the meaning of the word Karma,” said Ludacris said of the site. “The music and lyrics, games and stories on the site are all original and were created by me, my daughter and my creative team.”

The games on the site range from easy to challenging, while some of the more popular games include, “Karma’s Crosswords,” “Mega Match,” “Smartacus Asks,” “Who Knows” and the geography game “Scrambled Continents.”

Do you think more rappers should follow suit with educational contributions to society?

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  1. I can’t wait to get home so my daughter can go to his website.My daughter is 8 and I know she is going to love it!! Good Job Luda!! His daughter is blessed to have a father like that! I know she is lovin it also!!


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