New Video: Ludacris My Chick Bad Remix Ft. Diamond, Trina, Eve, and Nick Minaj



Ludacris went coastal on his new video. ‘My Chick Bad’ is from Luda’s new album ‘Battle of the Sexes’, which is in stores now! The chicks were on point. Check it out! What do you think about it?


  1. Whats going on Trina?? Looking a little busted in this video…. Nicki Minaj next……EVE and the gyal from the ATL definitely on point I luvs it!!!

  2. It is ironic that Luda would glorify hood chicks, but would not date one. Hmmm. I am tired of this ignorant ish. He is all on the white folks’ radars with his corny azz country raps. When is Clifford’s next album coming out? I rather listen to him.

  3. The only person in this video or song that can actually rap is miss EVE The rest are whack! Please someone Bring back real hip hop & real female rappers!!!

  4. Check out MC Keys going in on Nicki Ninja (whatever her name is) on Youtube. She said, “I am a grown azz woman, what I need with a Barbie.” LOL. Keys brought me back to the rap days when it was more about the lyrics than rocking a whore image.


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