M.I.A. Says New Album Will Be Out In December : VIDEO M.I.A. – Paper Planes


M.I.A. is sharing a little more information about her upcoming album. The British musician took to Twitter Tuesday morning and told followers she’d choose ten questions to answer about her still-untitled fourth set. Among the facts M.I.A. divulged in 140-characters or less were that the record is due out sometime in December and that it is “still in the making.” She adds that the disc could have anywhere from five to 15 songs, although her latest single “Bad Girls” will definitely be one of them. She also says the album will feature no collaborations and only producers that don’t act like a, quote, “fame whore coloniser,” which some are taking as a shot at her former collaborator, Diplo. And while she didn’t elaborate on that possible insult, M.I.A. did say the new album is a “f*** you” to all of her haters and a “thank you” to all of her fans.


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