Madonna Celebrates Her Birthday With Young Boyfriend


Pop icon was recently spotted with her new beau, Brahim Zaibat, a 24-year old french breaker dancer in JFK Airport early today.

The lovely couple was accompanied by Madonna’s 3 children, Lourdes (not pictured), David and Mercy.

Madonna also celebrates her 53rd birthday today and spent the weekend with the young boyfriend and kids in the Hamptons.

What do you think of Madonna dating someone half her age? And what happened to the last chap she was pushing in a stroller?

Spotted @NecoleBitchie


  1. Wow, he’s a brave young dude. Couldn’t imagine waking up to something that looks like her in the morning. The power of money is all I gots to say.

  2. Who cares about age difference anymore. Old dudes with young girls…young boys with dames. Who really cares anymore??


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