Madonna Rejects Man Claiming To Be The Biological Father Of Her Daughter ‘Mercy’



Madonna is disputing claims from a man who says he is the biological father of her adopted Malawian daughter Mercy (August 30); and has squashed his attempts to meet with the child face-to-face.

“The extended family members had no knowledge of a father. The village leadership had no knowledge of a father … the mother was raped and left,” Madonna’s spokeswoman Barbara Charone told the Sunday Times, a South African paper. Mercy was born in January 2006 to a 14-year-old mother who died days after giving birth.James Kambewa, 26, was pressing for a sit down with the 4-year-old he says is his daughter, but the validity of his claims is not just questioned by the Material Girl.

Madonna, 52, adopted Mercy last year from a Malawi orphanage after the Supreme Court of Appeal overturned a lower court. She is Madonna’s second adopted Malawian child.


  1. I think you need an intern to proofread and correct your blog my dude……….Madonna Rejects Man Claiming To Be Her Biological Father Of Her Daughter ‘Mercy’ doesn’t make sense . Figure it out

  2. I know right Chrissy!
    You to damn old, to be having so many punctuation and spelling errors dude!!


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